Garbage Hound Sanitation

P.O. Box 103

Braselton, Ga 30517

Phone Number

(706) 658-2679

Serving Northeast Georgia with Dependable Waste Pickup

A Home Grown Company Built On Service

How Can We Help You?

Our success comes from our commitment to providing the best service to our customers each and every day.

Putting Our Customers First

Our number one goal is to provide quality trash disposal and recycling service for homes and businesses in our service areas while maintaining the service and dedication that our current customers have come to expect.


After using Garbage Hound Sanitation, you will wonder why you handled trash in any other way. 


What Can I Recycle?

Waste recycling reduces reliance on landfills. When you recycle, you are saving the energy needed to reproduce these same materials. (We currently only offer recycling for certain customers, click here for info)

Apple Soda


Aluminum cans, Steel cans, Aluminum bottle, and Steel bottles.


Beverage bottles, Jugs, Jars and Food Containers.


Newspapers, Magazine, Books and Office paper.